Weekend Mashup: March 15th

Here is the Weekend Mashup for March 15th: A collection of  recent articles that didn’t warrant a post of their own.

weekend mashup

Parenting is beyond me and I do it all day every day. Not many days go by without me shaking my head about something stupid and unnecessary that I inflicted upon my children. Controlling their behavior is one of the many problems that I have. My son can be a bit of a beast at the playground which bums me out a bit, until I read pieces like this at The Art of Roughhousing.

Not that I am healthy or anything remotely like that, but I lived an unsupervised childhood playing with my friends and resolving most of our conflicts on our own. The same can’t always be said for the kids of today. My kids don’t do very much that isn’t supervised.


weekend mashup


One thing I am definitely doing well as a parent is not overworking and spending a lot of time with my kids. My father left for work before I woke up and sat downstairs smoking cigarettes after he got home from work.

Here are some charts about maintaining a work/life balance.



Another couple of charts about breathing.


weekend mashup

Fascinating stuff about antibiotics.



Finally, some fun with Mr. Rogers as he visits Bruce Haack and Miss Nelson leading a group of children in experimental electronic music and interpretive dance.

Sunday Morning Music: Grateful Dead
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