Weekend Mashup: November 15th

Here is a collection of articles from the past couple of weeks that didn’t make it into posts. Enjoy the weekend.

Watch a master at work. This is a wonderful anatomy video.


I spend a lot of time thinking about continence. I am fairly obsessed with digestion. On that note enjoy the  poop chart above.


Here is an article about recovery from exercise and injury. I have thought about this a lot in the last few years and wrote about it recently. I always favor a counter-intuitive approach and often find that my instinct is borne out in the long run.


One of the first blog posts I wrote on my first failed attempt to write a blog concerned cities that were fining people for building garderns like the one above.


I posted Amy Cuddy’s inspriing TED talk last week and here is an article that mines similar territory.


I am a huge fan of historical fiction and am in the middle of a book concerning the battle of Potiers during the hundred years War of the Roses between England and France. This article about ancient Roman bones takes us a little further back than that to explore the diet of Roman gladiators.

If You’re From Brooklyn This Hilariously Accurate Video Will Be The Best 4 Minutes Of Your Day Movoto

And finally, though I don’t generally approve of these types of things (because I am a curmudgeon) this video had a lot of moments that rang true and hit home. And speaks more to the Brooklyn of my childhood than now. The borough has more than just Italians and Irish and for whatever reason, my people are underrepresented. And there are also a few blacks, muslims and others here as well but you can’t have everything.

Getting a lift.
Spinal Muscles: The Erector Spinae


sp psoas