Weekend Mashup: November 29th

Here are some links to interesting articles from the past week that didn’t make it into the blog:


We’ll start with an astounding video. These guys blow my mind. My Brother-in-law pointed out they they are using the very best possible equipment but there stuff is amazing. They do equally cool tricks with basketball shots.



Now let’s see, The Masters of Love, an interesting article about why relationships work or don’t. I am consistently amazed at how I can love and apprecitate more rather than less as time goes by. Maybe we are masters.



Here is some great ayurveda tongue information: Ayurveda Life: What Your Tongue Says About Your Health



A great article on: The Future of Treating ACL tears.


And let’s finish with my favorite way to waste time on YouTube of Late. This guy, Michael Grab. does some amazing things with rocks. SImilar to the arrow shots above, I love being confronted with things I think I will never be able to do. But who knows?