Weekend Mashup: October 25th

Here is the weekend mashup for the week of October 24th.

First up is a crazy video about:What Snake Venom does to Blood.



Here is a very sweet piece on The Meaning of Life about the influence of meditation with a focus on Jack Kornfeld, the founder of Spirit Rock Meditation Center. The piece was written by Tim Wu who should have been our Lt. Governor.


King Tut

The Real Face of King Tut is about computer scans that have determined what the boy king looked like. I think I was thirteen when the first King Tut exhibit came to the Metropolitan Museum. It just blew me away at the time. Back when such things were still possible,


A Dad Filmed A Time Lapse Of His Daughter Learning To Walk And It's Absolutely Heartwarming

Here is a link to a wonderful video a baby progressing to take her first steps. I don’t love the finger walking but what can you do, it is a beautiful piece.

Let’s finish with an insane workout video. I can’t help it that I get off vicariously on the strneght of others. This one is truly out there.