Weekend Mashup

What might be the new feature: Weekend Mashup – a collection of things from the past week that won’t get a post of their own but I wanted mention.

weekend mashup      weekend mashup     weekend mashup

First up, i can’t spend too much time with my daughter in the hall of human origins at the American Museum Of Natural History. She prefers the minerals room and their proximity suits us well.


I like the above exercise a lot. I recorded a very different latissimus dorsi stretch video that I will post soon but this one is excellent. Not only are the instructions spot on but watch the solidity of his trunk during the stretch. He never loses the integrity of the spine.


Anatomy in motion is my new favorite Facebook page. I haven’t purchased the app yet but their links are consistently entertaining and thought provoking.


Earlier in the week I posted a video of Bonnie Bainbridge Cohen talking about the movement of the shoulder blade. Here is another one of Bonnie talking about my favorite bone, the hyoid, the only free floating bone in the human body.


To eat breakfast or not to eat breakfast.  I have always had a complicated relationship to food and I have trouble figuring out the best approach. There are so many different theories out there and here is another one.

5 Reasons to Skip Breakfast


And finally, speaking of food, here is a fascinating article—Gut Feelings: The Future of Psychiatry May Be Inside Your Stomach— about the use of probiotics in the treatment of personality disorders like OCD and ADHD.


Sunday Morning Music: Macklemore