What Does Your Pelvis Do When You Are Walking?

What Does Your Pelvis Do?What does your pelvis do when you are walking?  If you can feel how your pelvis moves, which is not a given, here is a simple test to see if you are walking correctly. As you walk one of two things is likely to happen—your pelvis will either hike up on each side with every step or it will rotate with every step.

When we walk, the pelvis is meant to both tilt and rotate. Unfortunately most people hike rather than tilt and rotate. There are a number of connected factors that lead to this. If we tuck our pelvis when walking, and I think a great many people tuck their pelvis for everything, the ability to rotate disappears. Tucking the pelvis forces the legs into external rotation which is the problem.

Another issue is that the legs lead the way when walking rather that falling underneath the hips which can allow for the rotation that we are seeking. It might seem weird but we want to walk with our core not our legs

Getting to know your body and how it moves is essential to making the changes necessary for getting out of pain or living a more productive lifestyle. Walking around trying to get a sense your movement patterns is the first step to changing them.


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