What Is This Pain In My Lower Back?

pain in my lower backSo I fell. And I passed out. And now I have an absolutely crazy pain in my lower back that I can’t figure out. As I went down I knew it wasn’t good but here I am five days later feeling relatively good as long as I don’t twist too much or reach too far. Yesterday I had a chiropractic adjustment that untwisted my poor ribcage and reset my pelvis but I still have this weird pain in my lower back that I have never felt before. Not only have I not felt anything like this before (and I have had plenty of occasions to feel back pain), I can’t find any reference to this type of pain anywhere. It left no bruise or swelling—there are only two small scratches.

I am hoping that someone out there (I know some very knowledgeable people read this blog) will have an opinion for me. The pain is a burning/ ripping/ electric (amorphous enough?) pain at the top of the pelvis on the lower right side.

My two thoughts are:

  •  I tore the quadratus lumborum tendon. I think this because when I palpate the quadratus lumborum higher up, the pain at the pelvis awakens. The other night my wife hugged me too hard and I went into spasm for about an hour.
  • I am having pain from internal bleeding. I think this because all of the symptoms that led to my passing out are synonymous with internal bleeding, though I found no mention of this type of pain in regards to internal bleeding.

So what is this bizarre pain in my lower back? I am not too worried because even though it is still somewhat acute, it is definitely better with each passing day. That said I feel like it will linger longer than I would like.

I am not averse to injury. It is part of an active life. I am very into healing and I am not meaning to be an idiot but my getting injured and healing helps me help others going through issues of their own. That said I would love to hear from anyone who had encountered this weird type of pain in my lower back that I am experiencing.

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