What’s Your Shoe Wear Pattern?

what is your shoe wear pattern

It is with some pride that I present today’s photograph of the wear pattern on my current pair of sneakers. First a word in praise of Ecco shoes, which I love to no end. They are not cheap shoes but I really believe that you get what you pay for. I have mentioned them on the blog before. I really appreciate their tight heel structure with an open toe box. These particular sneakers are close to minimal shoes with very little by the way of construction and arch.

But check out that wear pattern. Starting on the outer heel and then across the whole ball of the foot. That is some good business. If you look closely you will notice that I don’t fully get to the inside of the right foot. The left foot shows contact across the whole ball of the foot while the right foot falls just short of the outer edge. Not that I am complaining but my right foot turns out more than the left and that is always the side I am fighting with in the search of ideal alignment.

Most people have a shoe wear pattern that starts at the outer heel and finishes at the outer foot, never getting across the ball of either foot. Check out your shoes for their wear pattern. I think you will fall into the category of “most people” and if you do, it might be worth thinking about changing some of your walking patterns.

The foot has a specific journey to take. We all start on the outer heel but then should move across the middle of the foot, roll slightly out to the pinky toe side of the foot before rolling back in to the inside, finishing with the full weight of the body on the big toe for push off.


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