Low Back Pain: Why Does My Back Hurt?

Why do I have low back pain? How many times have you asked yourself this question? How many opinions have you sought out for the answer to that question? We suffer when the magnificent machine that we call a body falls out of alignment. The body is a machine designed to work in a specific manner. The body is comprised of an endless number of joints that are all designed to reciprocate with one another in a long chain of events that makes up movement.

The question why do I have low back pain should be replaced by how and why is my body out of alignment, or, is the machine in need of a tune-up?

Our bones hold us up and our muscles move us through space. When these to things happen as designed there will be no low back pain. Unfortunately we mess things up by asking our muscles and ligaments to help our bones hold us up, and once we do that we are moving down the road towards back pain.

If the bones are all stacked one on top of the other weight transfers successfully from the head through to the feet. That energy moves both up and down grounding the feet to the earth and lifting the spine to the sky.

To answer the question why does my low back hurt you need to stand and get in touch with what your body does when upright. It is our take that most people do the same thing when standing. Instead of stacking the bones on top of one another we use our joints, muscles and ligaments to hold us up. You can feel this if you take some time to explore.

If you are someone who hyper-extends their knees you will be pushing the knee joint past its normal range of motion putting too much pressure on the ligaments at the back of the knee. These ligaments are meant to connect the bones together not provide support for the upper body.

We can go up the whole body to examine just what is in or out of alignment. For this post we’ll just add one more area, the pelvis. If you are tucking your pelvis under it is likely that your thigh bones have moved forward from underneath the pelvis and you begin pushing on another ligament that is meant only to connect the leg to the pelvis.

Try to feel what your legs are doing under your pelvis to see what what is holding you up.

Change the question from why do I have low back pain to how do I align my back and you have taken the first step on the road to healing.


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