Private Lessons

In November of 2008, the worst financial month of this young century, the New York TImes  ran a full page feature about me and my walking program.

I have to admit it was pretty cool.  

After creating this walking program out of my yoga studio (Yoga Center of Brooklyn) — that lifted more than a few skeptical eyebrows —the nation’s biggest newspaper gave me a fairly glowing write-up.

And my phone started ringing. All of a sudden…

...I had clients I didn’t know coming to work with me.

And I have to admit, at first it was overwhelming.

I was overrun with people who had not received the help they expected from traditional doctors and physical therapists.

And they were turning to to me for help.

It took me a while to sort out what that meant.

To this day I am a place of last resort. I work online now more than in person but I see the same people…

...undiagnosed or misdiagnosed pain in the groin, hips or lower back…

...sciatica that won’t quit…

...veterans of one of more surgery that failed to help…

The list goes on.

Don’t get me wrong, I see plenty of people with garden variety problems like plantar fasciitis, frozen shoulder, neck pain…

...but I definitely specialize in people who, through no lack of trying, haven’t found the answers and insights they need.

There is a large — pained — subset of people who simply can’t get relief and most importantly, can’t understand why.

They take good care of themselves, eating right and hoping to exercise...

They do what the doctor & physical therapists say with care and discipline…

And yet… nothing works.

So they turn to me.

And I have a pretty good success rate.

But what I do isn’t brain surgery.

What’s my secret?

Even though I am treating the body by teaching people how to walk and stand in a new better way…

And I show them how to do exercises correctly which is essential to recovery…

But what I am really doing is treating their nervous system.

Treating a dysfunctional nervous system is about helping people  let go of unprocessed energy that the body can’t handle in a given moment of intensity.

And I can’t believe I am actually going to say this because the road that led me here was not a hippy dippy, woo-woo one…

I have an intuitive sense for what people need to heal energetically.

And I can usually do it in 5 sessions.

Unfortunately I don’t take insurance.

Five Lessons cost $500 and we have payment plans that are available and we can work with almost any plan you can suggest.

If you need a payment plan different than those laid out on the checkout page, please reach out to us a info@corewalking.com

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