Yoga classes in Marine Park, Midwood and the Bronx, NY

Stay Calm And Take Yoga Classes

Have you ever wondered what are the real benefits of yoga classes? First of all, yoga helps you turn off the rambles of the mind. Thus, this apprehension that we cultivate in the yoga studio can serve us in our everyday life.

Yoga is an ancient Hindu spiritual art and discipline founded on a balanced system of evolution for body, mind and spirit.

Taking yoga classes will lead you to a sense of peace and prosperity. It will make your body flexible and muscular and it will also improve the functioning of the respiratory, circulatory, digestive, and hormonal systems.

Yoga practice can help us connect to self and life and awaken our own consciousness, including tantra, mantra, laya, bhakti, karma yoga, and so on.

The essential props you’ll need if you decide to take yoga classes are blankets, blocks, straps, and bolsters. Props can be used in different ways. Your yoga instructor will help you choose the right ones and teach you on how to use them correctly.

Yoga originated in an ancient language from India, called Sanskrit. Every yoga pose has a sanskrit name and an english name. Each Sanskrit name ends in -asana, and generally represents the name of an animal or something in nature – cobra, fish, dolphin, dog, tree, mountain.

The most important aspect in your yoga practice is learning how to breath properly. Your accession to a peaceful mind is through your breath. In your yoga classes, you’ll be instructed how to link your breath to your movement. This method is called “flow”.

Always keep in mind that if your pose doesn’t look perfectly accurate, it’s fine! Over time you’ll learn to focus and balance everything you’ve learned.

If you need more advice or have further questions about taking yoga classes, don’t hesitate to contact the team at Core Walking in New York.


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