Yoga Stuff: The IT Band and Foot Turn Out

I took a great yoga class today. The class covered a number of IT band stretches which I can’t get enough of. I haven’t met anyone yet who isn’t served by working on this area of the body. Personally, I have an issue with a right foot that turns out. It has done this for as long as I can remember and I believe it is due to issues with my right psoas.

Class felt great and after class as I was walking home I kept feeling a buzzing in my outer right foot as if it was a phone, ringing on vibrate. It was very strange indeed and sort of alarming until I realized my foot was also more naturally turning in towards parallel when I was walking. I walked home checking in to make sure that what I was feeling was accurate, and thankfully it was.

The IT band is meant to rotate internally a little bit when we walk and tightness in the IT band will pull our knees wide of the ankle and turn our feet out when we walk. For some the pull is big and for some it is ever so slight. But the knee is supposed to track directly over the ankle and any deviation from that pattern with cause us trouble.

The hour and a half of good solid yoga work on the IT band had the wonderful effect of allowing my leg to work as designed for a little while.  What a gift!


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