Old Injuries Do Not Go Away

old injuries

Working to diagnose current injuries is often about uncovering old injuries that led to the immediate issue. And it is amazing how often a present situation directly relates to a forgotten about injury or accident.

Sometimes injuries are forgotten about because they are dismissed as inconsequential or sometimes we very simply forget. Many times clients don’t remember an injury from their childhood, or ascribe it meaning, until a year or so into working together.

Some injuries are acute and obvious—if you fall down the stairs and break an ankle, you have something very concrete to heal. When you suffer, in some cases, due to life-long compensations it can be much harder to unwind.

It requires a certain amount of detective work to uncover many of these connections and then it is often a years-long process to unwind the negative patterns associated with healing a prior injury.

This is the reality that I work with day after day, which I find fairly exciting,  because you never truly know what you are working with The actions and accidents of life stick around and change who we are and how we move throughout our lifetime. It can be easy to simply accept this as who we are and part of the process.

And while this is true, because we are highly adaptable, we can also work with the process. Unless you were born with a structural or nerve related problem, you have a pretty amazing machine to start off.

If you pay attention to always getting it back on track after injury, you can keep the machine running well for years into the future.


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