Saturday Morning Musical: An American In Paris

The Saturday Morning Musical clips will highlight dancing in movies more than the music. I see in dancers much of what I hope to see in walking clients—ease and grace. Gene Kelly and Leslie Caron are no exceptions; they move the way I dream of moving.

This was my favorite musical growing up with Singing in the Rain coming in a close second and I have to admit that I am having too much fun watching these videos. I haven’t watched An American in Paris is a very long time and I am taken back to the basement, that my mother called a den, where I watched so many movies growing up.

No one really changes. I believe I am the person I was meant to become. Yoga entered my life at thirty two and with the exception of a glorious six months, I have never been a dancer, but I loved these movies at such a young age that it just seems to make sense that I ended up doing what I do. That said, I also loved war movies and westerns.

Both of these numbers are amazing, and the Gershwin music sublime.  Watching Gene Kelly in I Got Rhythm, embodies the essence of what I am trying to teach people. He is so soft in the front of his body. His shoulders are completely relaxed and his arms hang beautifully from their sockets. And that happens because of his profoundly balanced and solid core.

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